what is Scrum? – Agile Management

Qu'est ce que la méthodologie Scrum en développement agile ?

Agile Management can be applied in many ways. Scrum is probably the most used of them because of its high flexibility. It has been created by two japanese teachers in 1986.

The principle of Scrum

To fully understand the Scrum method, the members of the team can be compared to a rugby team passing the ball all along the field : the team members have to progress all together and follow the project all along the development progress.

To make this flexibility possible, this method wants to involve the client during the whole project as his needs and exceptation are very likely to change during the development process.

Roles and events

Roles and events are an important part of the Scrum method. The whole project is segmented in sprints of one or two weeks during which the team is focusing on specific tasks and features. Team members are also assigned a role (Product Owner, Development Team or Scrum Master) which help them to focus on specific parts of the project management.

when should you use Scrum ?

Scrum is particularly efficient in any project related in software, app or web development. This type of projects are usually quite complex and need a few months of work to be completed. Therefor, using this method is the best way to deliver a product that match client’s expectation while giving enough flexibility to the team.

As the client is involved in the project, it’s important to be able to show him a Minimum Viable Product (MVB). This agile method is also a very good way to prioritize the features developed to quickly get a MVB.